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Project Application

Information for potential applicants

Potential applicants often have many questions: can I apply with my project idea, where can I find published calls for proposals, am I an eligible applicant...

The first step is to find a specific Call for Proposals under whose terms you are considered to be an eligible applicant and that defines eligible activities and costs in a way which enables the implementation of your project idea. Calls are published and the funds awarded by the line ministries. All published calls are available on the web-page:

Call for proposals contain all the important information on who can apply, which costs are eligible for financing, which activities can be implemented through the project, as well as the terms and conditions for financing. In addition to terms for applying, selection criteria and conditions of project implementation are also defined in calls for proposals. In this way, you can find out already during the application process which rules will apply during the project implementation, in case your project idea is selected and you sign a grant contract.

On the basis of Operational Programmes, line ministries (Intermediate Bodies Level 1) are responsible for defining conditions and publication of the call.

Operational Programmes are documents which determine funding areas in specific sectors, eligible applicants etc.

They are at the basis of procedures of awarding of EU funding. The activities which are not specifically mentioned in the Operational Programmes are not eligible for financing!

Documents related to the Operational Programmes are available here.

The CFCA is one of the contracting parties and also performs the role of the Intermediate Body Level 2 within the structure for implementation of Structural Funds. This means that the CFCA is primarily responsible for monitoring the execution of contractual obligations and verification of costs. Depending on a specific call and the scope of the CFCA, it also carries out project selection. 

After finding a call whose financing priorities are in line with the objectives and mission of your project, it is important to carefully examine the documentation of the call, as well as the enclosed forms, and prepare your project proposal in compliance with the given forms. Before submitting the application to the competent institution and within the deadline set by the call, make sure that you have complete documentation and that the forms are correctly filled.

In this way, you can ensure that your project proposal will not be rejected due to administrative or technical reasons, such as incomplete documentation or a lack of original documents.

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