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IPA and Transition Facility

IPA and Transition facility

The CFCA is Agency responsible for the implementation of pre-accession programme IPA Component I and Transition Facility. 

As the Implementing Agency, the CFCA is in charge of the overall management of funds available through the following instruments: tendering, contracting, payments, accounting and reporting on financing from a specific programme. Likewise, the CFCA has participated in the contracting of projects from the first generation programmes (CARDS, PHARE, ISPA) and from the part of the former IPA III Component.

The primary objective of IPA programme is to provide assistance to candidate countries and potential candidates in harmonization of national legislation with the acquis communautaire and strengthening institutions and their capacities for implementation of new laws and regulations. The harmonization process is based on strengthening of infrastructural and technical capacities of the institutions, developing of new systems which enable better work quality of the institutions or the processes related to transfer of knowledge from other EU member states.

The Republic of Croatia also uses the Transition Facility as a temporary instrument foreseen for new member states in their first years of membership – assistance in financing of development measures and strengthening of national administrative and judicial capacities for implementation and enforcement of EU legislation.


Okvirni sporazum IPA, 2007. Uredba komisije ( EZ) br. 718-2007 Uredba Vijeća EU br. 1085-2006 Provedbeni priručnik za korisnike bespovratnih sredstava Priručnik o postupanju Jedinica za provedbu projekata unutar I. komponente pretpristupnog programa IPA Priručnik za komunikaciju i vidljivost za vanjske aktivnosti EU CFCA visibility guidelines Visibility Templates Important messages for grant contracts Pravilnik o porezu na dodanu vrijednost Pravilnik o izmjenama i dopunama Pravilnika o porezu na dodanu vrijednost ( NN 160-13) Pravilnik o izmjenama i dopunama Pravilnika o porezu na dodanu vrijednost ( NN 157-14)
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