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Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) is a public institution established in 2007.

  • As the Implementing Agency within IPA pre-accession programme (IPA Component I and Transition Facility), the CFCA is in charge of the overall procurement and tendering procedures, contracting, payments, accounting and reporting within the decentralized implementation system of EU funded programmes in Croatia.
  • The CFCA also performs tasks of the Administrative Office for Twinning. As the Twinning Administrative Office, the CFCA has been designated to retain the overall procedural, financial and contractual management of all Twinning and Twinning light projects under IPA Component I and Transition Facility Instrument in the Republic of Croatia. Moreover, National Contact Point (NCP) for Twinning projects implemented in Croatia is established within the CFCA, as the central point of communication and coordination between the Republic of Croatia and the European Commission, NCPs of other beneficiary countries and NCPs of EU member states.

We have contracted more than 1200 projects with estimated value of more than 620 million EUR in the period from 2007 untill the end of 2015!

  • The Central Finance and Contracting Agency acts as Intermediate Body Level 2 in the management and control system of EU structural instruments in specific Operational Programmes, whereby the Agency is responsible for drafting methodology for evaluation of eligibility criteria, implementation of procedures related to verification of eligibility, control of eligibility of costs and supervision of the project implementation.
  • Along with the roles of the Implementing Body and Intermediate Body Level 2 described above, the CFCA implements activities related to education of the employees of the beneficiary institutions of the IPA Component I and Transition Facility, as well as grant contract beneficiaries within the structural instruments.

Agency is managed by....

The bodies of the Agency are the Management Board and the Director of the Agency.

The Management Board manages the operations of the Agency.

The Agency is managed by the Director who organizes and manages activities and operations of the Agency.

The establishing authority of the Agency is the Republic of Croatia. Establishing rights and obligations are performed, on behalf of the establishing authority, by the Ministry in charge of regional development and EU funds.

Monitoring of the legality of the activities of the Agency is performed by the Ministry in charge of regional development and EU funds.

History of the CFCA...

The CFCA was established by the Regulation on the Establishment of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (OG No. 90/2007; OG No. 114/2007; OG No. 29/2012; OG No. 56/2013) with the aim of implementing a part of the European Union programmes in the Republic of Croatia.

 The competencies of the CFCA are determined by the Regulation which regulates the assumption of rights and obligations from the Directorate for Financing and Contracting of EU Projects – Central Finance and Contracting Unit within the Ministry of Finance.

As the contracting authority in charge of pre-acession assistance programmes, the CFCA was responsible for contracting of first generation programmes (CARDS, PHARE i ISPA).


Transfer Agreement Regulation on amandments to the Regulation establishing Central Finance and Contracting Agency Regulation Establishing the Central Finance and Contracting Agency
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