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18/9/ 2018
Final Event of the EU-funded Twinning light project: "Further Institutionalisation of Structured Mechanism/s for Cooperation between the Government and Civil Society"

On Thursday, 6 September 2018, the final event for the EU-funded Twinning project: ‘Further institutionalization of structured mechanism/s for cooperation between the government and civil society’ has taken place at the EU Info Centre. The ...

8/3/ 2018
Workshops for public sector employees to be held within IPA 2012 Twinning project „Strengthening Integrity of Public Sector“ (CRO INTEGRITY) on the topic: HOW TO ELABORATE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY STRATEGIES AND PLANS?

Twinning Project “Strengthening integrity of public sector” is implemented by the Croatian Ministry of Public Administration in close cooperation with the National School for Public Administration and the Ministry of Justice. Project activities ...


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